HIE Service Areas & Information

The Interactive Texas HIE Map below illustrates areas served by one or more Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) participating in the Texas Local HIE Grant Program and enables you to determine which HIE(s) serve your area.

To use the map:

  • Scroll over your county or area of the state to highlight that area;
  • Click on the highlighted area to pull up a list of participating HIEs serving that area;
  • Click on the link provided with the list to guide to you to resources for more information about the HIE(s).

Note: This map is intended to depict areas of Texas served by one or more Local HIEs and to provide a list and guide viewers to more information about the HIE(s) serving their area. Because many regions of Texas are served by multiple HIEs, it is NOT intended to depict the entire service area of any individual HIE. A map and list of counties served by each HIE is available in the HIEs’ Profile Pages accessible via this map or in the HIEs list below.

The following list of Texas Local HIE Grant Program participant HIEs implementing plans to connect physicians and hospitals in Texas includes:

  • Name of HIE and, where needed, region served;
  • HIE Profile Sheet, providing descriptive information about the HIE, its service area, contact information and services offered; and
  • HIE Business and Operations (B&O) Plans and Addenda approved by HHSC.

click on an HIE name to reveal more information