Core Principles

Texas' approach to electronic health information exchange (HIE) is built on four Core Principles:

Patient Centric

The patient and consumer should be the focus of all our efforts in health information technology. Patient control and ownership of personal health information must be protected and patient privacy must be respected. Health information technology has great potential to benefit health outcomes for consumers but not at the risk of violating personal privacy.


Market-based solutions should be sought whenever possible. In the case of heath information technology, there is a large and growing body of research suggesting that there is economic value to be recognized at every stage in the evolution of the electronic health information infrastructure. With respect to health information technology, government participation should generally be limited to catalyzing relevant markets, facilitating collaborations, easing regulatory burdens, and assisting in the appropriate alignment of incentives.

Leveraging Existing Resources

To the maximum extent possible, Texas will leverage existing resources and coordinate with other health information technology and health information exchange (HIE) initiatives, such as the Medicaid electronic health record incentive payment program, other state agency HIE initiatives, HIE initiatives developed and administered by private payers, and local/regional HIE initiatives.

Focus on Regional Solutions

Regional solutions that fit within the statewide framework should be pursued whenever possible. Every region of Texas is different and should be given the freedom to fit into the emerging electronic health information infrastructure in the most appropriate way.