Statewide Network (HIETexas)

To strengthen and streamline local coordination of HIEs, the Texas Health Services Authority (THSA) will make available to each local network a set of shared services, referred to as HIETexas, enabling HIE-to-HIE connectivity between authorized HIEs in Texas and across the country.  Through HIETexas, local HIEs will not only have connectivity to each other but will also have access to critical functions that will provide operational savings and offer uniformity in administrative, legal and compliance functions.  

HIETexas Overview

The THSA signed a contract with InterSystems on April 1, 2013 to assist the THSA with development and implementation of the following state-level shared services:

  • Clinical Document Exchange (Treatment);
  • Federated Trust Framework (Security/Confidentiality/Accuracy);
  • Patient Consent Management; and
  • eHealth Exchange. 

Hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers are beginning to use Electronic Health Records within their private practices and facilities.  They are also connecting to local HIE networks to share information with other authorized providers.  THSA's State-Level Shared Services will be a private and secure network that spans the entire state and supports the exchange of information between Texas HIEs and other data sources within the state, and between Texas and other authorized HIES and federal agencies outside of Texas.

More Helpful Information on HIETexas

State-Level Shared Services Summary Document - This white paper provides health information exchange networks, health care providers, and other interested stakeholders with information on the infrastructure the THSA is developing to support HIE-to-HIE connectivity within Texas and HIE connectivity to the national eHealth Exchange.

HIETexas Onboarding Toolkit - This document is a helpful tool for prospective HIETexas participants seeking information on the onboarding process and the technical requirements for integrating their HIE into HIETexas.

HIETexas Technical Architecture - This document provides a high-level overview of the technical architecture of HIETexas.

Updated HIETexas Validation Presentation - This document provides an overview of the presentation made by InterSystems to local HIEs and other interested HIE stakeholders on the design validation of HIETexas. The updated version of the presentation includes XCA as an option for HIE connectivity to HIETexas.

HIETexas Implementation and Annual Subscription Fees - This chart lays out the pricing structure for onboarding and maintaining participation in HIETexas.